Men Will Assault Women Who Wear Short Revealing Clothing

Sapphire King
4 min readSep 15, 2021
A woman of color; in a long sleeved, orange, grey, and black midi dress; that stops just before her knees, leaning against a tree with her legs crossed.
Photo by DANNY G on Unsplash

If you follow my articles about my family then you know that I grew up with a group of narcissistic and emotionally abusive family members.

I’ve tried to calmly and patiently explain to them why and how the things they say and do gets to me and they really act as if they don’t see it.

Recently, I was babysitting all of the younger kids while my family went out to a football game.

During drop off I came outside to meet them at the car with the kids and my aunts eyes grew big like saucers. She then shook her head and smacked her lips before telling me that “someone was going to rape me one day”.

I already knew she was bothered by my outfit as this is a regular topic of discussion but to that extent? No.

It was a halter top midi dress that went down just below my knees. Which, for clarity, no matter if the dress was revealing, short, tight, etc it still does not deem it an appropriate excuse to use for someone making the decision to rape someone nor does it mean that the victim was “asking” for it.

While she has made comments on my attire before it has never went as far as her making such a disrespectful comment as that.

I usually ignore her insults and proceed forward with whatever I’m doing without a second thought because we’ve had a pretty bad relationship for as long as I can remember.

However, for someone who has been through sexual assault it triggered me to the point where I’m constantly thinking about her comment and questioning myself and the intentions of my attire.

I know better. I realize that the two don’t correlate but for some reason when I allow her comment to take me down the mental rabbit hole it seems to stick me in, the logic goes out the window.

It’s sad that there are still people in this world who feels that it’s okay to blame the woman for a man’s actions and vice versa.

It’s scary to know that if she knew about the assault she would feel as if “I was asking for it” depending on what I was wearing at the time.

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