Growing Up Without A Father

Sapphire King
1 min readFeb 5, 2021

A Poem

I look at his smile like yours,

The brown eyes and kinky hair like yours.

I look at

The way he tilts his head like yours,

developed the same style like yours,

How could you not want more?

To be able to see a piece of you,

Grow from a seed of you,

Into something unbelievable-

Is it unreasonable


His need of you.




How can you just ignore?

The way he reaches for you,

cries in his sleep for you,

Waits by the street for you,

Tries to be seen to you,

Silently screams for you.

Is fatherhood not teachable?


Do you see it too?

That the more he needs of you

The less he see’s of you

Is it so inconceivable?

That he,

wants more than things from you,

to build dreams with you,

to just sit and speak with you,

How could you not want more?

Hes reaching for you!




Reach back

Before he leaves you too.

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